We provide more than just value, we provide peace of mind.

As Consultants we are dedicated to providing our clients with the tools necessary to make informed and knowledgeable decisions regarding
their capital investment. Obtaining accurate and reliable industry information from experienced professionals is essential in any decision making process. We have strong research capabilities coupled with an understanding of both local real estate market and global financial trends to underpin real estate investment decisions.

As real estate appraisers, we can provide with reliable valuation of your property for any purpose including
financial accounting by IVS and IFRS standards. Our team is distinguished by their educational background
combined with their experience in the valuation field from U.S. We have wide experience in appraising
complex properties like factories, special use properties, gas pipeline systems, electrical lines,
office/retail and residential schemes etc.

As project managers we can help you manage your project from start to end and ensure its successful delivery. We manage using internationally accepted guidelines for better handling risks and uncertainties.; The type of projects include offices, banks, hotels, hospitals, warehouses,
retail malls, residential, agricultural operations, schools and universities as well as major infrastructure projects;

As real estate brokers our professionals are dedicated to becoming your strategic real estate
expert. With decades of experience and a track record of success, our top industry professionals are committed to providing you with specific and informed market intelligence, supplying with detailed analysis on the market and the economic and circumstantial conditions which affect your transaction.



G. Miller International understands that to help meet client challenges and opportunities successfully in a global economy, its professional need to be skilled at delivering powerful solutions in a wide range of service areas. We provide a full range of real estate consulting services tailored to the specific needs of our clients.   We have worked with construction firms , lenders, property owners, management companies and other investors in real estate, assessing their needs in detail and providing proven solutions throughout the transaction life cycle.

We pride on our partners as our collaboration has created the synergy for a successeful realization of number of projects. Via the consortium of our partners, we are able to expand our service potential and offer more expertise to our dedicated clients.

G. Miller International represents a professional real estate consulting company serving a number of international markets.  Our approach is oriented for finding strategic business development solutions meeting each client's long-term business interests. The company is backed up by over 20 years experience in the real estate services from the U.S. The management of G. Miller International was running a real estate consulting company in the Silicon Valley servicing hundreds of mortgage companies, banks other private financial companies.